A service company dedicated to providing the highest quality human and animal islets to support the diabetes research community.


Working in conjunction with the Scharp-Lacy Research Institute, Prodo Labs is committed to performing research and various services to support the diabetes research community. Some of these services include human and animal islet isolations, performing assays and project-based consulting.


Prodo Laboratories is committed to several research projects, including improving islet isolation efficiency and productivity, islet culturing and expanding collaboration activities encompassing both the corporate and academic diabetes communities.

Today, Not Tomorrow

Prodo Laboratories is in the service business of providing human islets for research. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality islets, including those from both normal and Type 2 pancreases. We also provide contract-based isolations of animal pancreases, which currently include mice and rats. To ensure the highest quality islets, we utilizes our own proprietary, cGMP media which has been tested and proven to increase the recovery, functionality and viability of the cells. Please take a moment to view our product offerings and our testing services.

About Us

Prodo Laboratories, Inc was founded in Sept 2006 by David Scharp, MD to develop a biotechnology company that provides diabetes research services and products to both the academic and corporate diabetes research communities, as well as pursue its own research lines.

Our Products

Prodo Labs provides high quality human islets for research as its primary service business by direct contracts with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies utilizing them for in vitro and in vivo testing in the development of new drugs for diabetes or in the development of new insulin-producing cells for future transplants.

Latest News

New Publishing in OBM Transplantation

Advances in Human Islet Processing: Manufacturing Steps to Achieve Predictable Islet Outcomes from Research Pancreases David W. Scharp, Jayagowri Arulmoli, Kelly Morgan, Hannah Sunshine, Ergeng Hao Received: October 15, 2018; Published: February 26, 2019; doi:...

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PIM Complete

March 13, 2018-Prodo is excited to announce PIM Complete!  PIM Complete is a simplified way to order the base medium (R-Recovery, S-Standard or T-Transport) and all of the required supplements (ABS-Human AB Serum, G-Glutamine/Glutathione and 3X-Triple Antibiotics)...

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New Antibiotic Supplement

March, 2018-Prodo Labs is excited to announce its new, antibiotic supplement PIM(3X)! PIM(3X) is a cGMP triple antibiotic mixture designed to supplement PIM(R), PIM(S) and PIM(T).  For more information, please click HERE.

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