About Us

Company Overview

Prodo Labs is a biotechnology company focused on producing new products and services for the diabetes research community. It brings a broad core of technology in the field of diabetes and a unique expertise of producing high quality human islets from human research pancreases.

Prodo Labs has a wide range of product and service offerings for the diabetes research community.

  • Prodo Labs provides a service for all diabetes researchers, including investigators in industry, academia and not-for-profits.
  • Prodo Labs has developed it’s own proprietary cGMP islet media, which is optimized for rapid recovery and long-term culturing and transportation of islets
  • Prodo Labs can work with any organization to perform contract research and specialized services.
  • Prodo Labs can support small and large animal models in the form of processing islets or managing in vivo contract studies.
  • Prodo Labs can also be contracted to provide its extensive histology expertise to analyze islet-based preparations. Regardless of your need in the diabetes research area, Prodo Labs is available to support your efforts.



Mission Statement

Prodo Laboratories, Inc.’s mission is to deliver services and products to patients with diabetes and to the diabetes research community. It seeks to accomplish this goal by focusing its research and development activities on the improvement of the health and well being of all patients with diabetes.



Our Motto

“Today, Not Tomorrow”
– Executive and Operating Board
– President, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner-Dr. David Scharp
– Chief Financial Officer, Partner-David Bondurant
– Chief Marketing Officer, Partner-Brian Haight