Animal Islets For Research (AIR)

Prodo Labs has the equipment and experience in processing high quality islets from many different species and offers these islet preparations to investigators in need. The following lists the different types of species that can currently be processed in Prodo Labs non-human pancreas processing lab.

Rat Islets

Our standard source is from outbred Sprague Dawley rats. Islets from specific strains can be requested and performed on a contract basis

Neo-Natal Piglet Islets

After extensive comparison between adult pigs and the neo-natal piglet, our data has shown that the piglet islet is much more viable than the adult pig. We now offer these islets on a routine basis.

Pancreases from specific porcine herds can be requested and processed into islets for research upon request.

As with human islets, Prodo Labs performs acute quality control tests at the time of processing that are available for each islet shipment. More specific islet testing can be arranged for each shipment.