cGMP Products

Our cGMP products consist of our Prodo Islet Media (PIM®). These products are manufactured under the strictest guidelines to qualify as a GMP product. Our media was developed to help the islets live the longest, healthiest life they can. We have determined that these areas include: recovery-PIM (R)®, transport-PIM(T)® and long-term sustainability-PIM(S)®.   Each of these products needs to be supplemented of our other cGMP products-PIM(ABS)®, which is Human AB Serum, PIM(G)®, which is a glutamine/glutathione supplement and PIM(3X)®, which is our triple antibiotic supplement. Please review each product page for more details.

To download our current cGMP media catalog, please click on the following link: cGMP Pricing Catalog 2023