Contract Research

At Prodo Labs, we are committed to providing the highest level of experience and knowledge to all of our clients’ research needs. Some of the many services and testing we are capable of doing include:


Human Islets
We are capable of providing islets on a weekly basis. If a client is interested in contracting a complete process for their studies, please contact us.

Animal Islets
Some of the animals we can process include porcine and rats. These are done strictly on a contract basis.

Islet Testing Authority
The purpose of this division is to provide a service for testing tissue culture media, factors, reagents, and pancreas processing solutions, enzymes, and reagents on human islets to confirm not only their effectiveness, but also their lack of toxicity.

Scharp Consulting
Dr. Scharp, with his years of experience, is available to consult on any projects/experiments you might be working on. Please contact us for more information.