PIM(T)® is a new, proprietary islet media from Prodo Laboratories manufactured under cGMP, specifically designed for cold storage of isolated islets that permits both short and long term islet shipping and storage. The new PIM(T)® formulation provides excellent cold storage of islets without loss of islet compactness observed with the alternatives. Unlike most all other transport media for islets, this PIM(T)® formulation permits islets to be cultured at normal islet culture temperatures (37oC) following their shipment without removing it. Most other islet transport media contain intracellular salts and other ingredients that are quite toxic to islets at temperatures > 15oC and require cold storage and handling until the transport media is completely removed. When teamed with Prodo’s new culture media, PIM(S)® and PIM(R)®, the islets transported with PIM(T)® can be directly transferred from the transport container to the tissue culture incubator and undergo only a 50% media change with PIM(S)® or PIM(R)®. PIM(T)® also permits long term cold tissue culture of islets for ~3 weeks without significant loss of islet mass, viability, or function. These unique characteristics set PIM(T)® apart from the alternatives for considerations of islet cold storage and shipping.  Please click on the link at the bottom of the page for the complete technical notes.