Prodo Labs announces that its contracts for the distribution of human islets for research have reached pharmaceutical companies with a total annual R&D budget of $26 Billion.

Prodo Labs provides human islets for research to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies interested in the development of new drugs for the treatment of diabetes. One of the limiting factors in diabetes drug development is the lack of adequate numbers of high quality human islets to perform both in vitro and in vivo testing. With its contracts with Organ Procurement Organizations and its expertise and leadership in processing human pancreases into high quality human islets, Prodo Labs is developing this service business with the major corporations developing new diabetes drugs. While each corporate contract is confidential, Prodo Labs is pleased to announce that the total R&D combined budgets for its contracted companies have reached the $26 Billion level. In addition, Prodo Labs has a contract with Invenio Institute to provide additional human islets for research to them for their distribution of these islets to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) funded investigators.