Prodo Laboratories, Inc. begins processing human pancreases.

Prodo Labs begins operations today by processing its first human pancreas into viable human islets to be sent to diabetes researchers to assist their efforts to help patients with diabetes. After many months of construction and structural improvements, placement of research and laboratory equipment, obtaining research supplies and disposables, the new research team at Prodo Labs processed its first human pancreas in the newly formed laboratories with success and excitement. It had been many months since the researchers, well trained and expert in human pancreas processing into insulin producing islet cells, had been able to turn their expertise into turning the collagenase digested pancreas into viable insulin producing cells needed to advance diabetes research. The islets that were the result of their efforts were shipped to an academic research laboratory in Tennessee working on islet transplantation for the treatment of diabetes. All involved in this first processing anticipate many productive human islet processes to take place going forward and to provide more islets for diabetes researchers