Invenio Institute receives contract from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to provide human islets for JDRF and NIH diabetes researchers.

Invenio Institute was awarded a research contract to distribute human islets for research to academic investigators needing these insulin-producing cells to advance their research studies to create new treatments to help patients with this disease. Invenio Institute contracts with Prodo Laboratories, Inc. to produce viable human insulin-producing islet cells from cadaver donated human pancreases. There are over 100 diabetes researchers funded by the JDRF and the NIH in need of human islet cells to complete their research objectives. This contract will help provide more of these critically needed islets for researchers discover more about their normal function, how to potentially expand these cells to provide more islets for treating diabetes, how to prevent the cells from being destroyed following their implant into diabetic recipients, and to understand how islets are affected by diabetes