Prodo Laboratories, Inc. launches two new products at the International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association (IPITA) Conference in Minneapolis.

Prodo Labs is launching two new tissue culture products specifically designed for islets at the international IPITA meeting where islet researchers meet to share the latest advances in diabetes research. The first is PIM(S) an islet tissue culture media made for culturing human islets for up to three weeks. Comparison testing with existing tissue culture media for islets shows PIM(S) helps islets rapidly recover from the damage involved with processing them from the pancreas. This new media also permits long-term islet culture to permit longer research studies. The second new product, PIM(T), is a new cold storage media preparation permitting shipping of islets domestically as well as internationally due to 3-4 days of cold storage. The preparation differs significantly from others available in utilizing a different type of formulation that not only permits cold storage of islets but also transition to normal culture temperature

Prodo Labs also provides human islets to academic and corporate diabetes researchers who find difficulty obtaining viable, high quality islets in the amounts needed to complete their research objectives. A proprietary pancreas processing procedure provides uniformly high quality human islets for research to these investigators.